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The Palace of Tears: Part One (Due for reprint summer 2024)

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(Due for reprint summer 2024)

Part one of my ongoing web series, printed on good stock to remind me it's real!

All purchases come with a hi-res pdf download.

Trawling the sickened oceans for his daily catch, a struggling fisherman snares a mysterious box, the contents of which will send his once run of the mill existence spiralling into unimagined realms of wonder and terror.

Old tales are reborn, eternal hungers stirred and long forgotten creatures of chaos roam the soft places where dreams and madness collide.

Taking inspiration from an old Jewish folktale of the same name, The Palace of Tears is an opulent romp through haunted seas, enchanted sands and a love so terrible it refuses the call of Death herself.

'Each page is a full bleed frameable print of a comic with intricate detail and some amazing colour work. It really reminds me in it's deeply imagined structure of books like Porcelain (from Improper Books) or Geis (from Nobrow Press)'- Tony Esmond (Awesome Comics Podcast)

'...referencing the very best of Michael Kaluta, Charles Vess, Moebius and the cinematic exploits of Douglas Fairbanks. It’s frankly quite dazzling to behold…' - Win Wiacek (

Written and illustrated by Michael Lomon

Title Calligraphy by Alice Mazzilli

40 Pages including cover/Full Colour

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